Events in Thessaloniki

Culturally there is always some kind of event in Thessaloniki. Take the International Movie Festival. Actually thought to be for young movie makers, each year also renowned personalities of the international movie business appear, such as Francis Ford Coppola, or Catherine Deneuve.

There is also a wild mix of music, theatre, and dance to be experienced each year during the Dimitria Festival, which is dedicated to the cityís patrone, St. Demetrius. In the already mentioned Helexpo Palace, the international Autumn Fair takes place. It is the most important fair of that kind all over Greece.

Thessaloniki also has had its role in international events: so it was host for the Europeans Union Summit in 2003, and for the Olympic Summer Games in 2004. And the European Union honoured the cityís beauty and diversity already in 1997: that year, Thessaloniki was to be Cultural Capital of Europe.

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