Byzantine and Ottoman Time

In the fourth century we find the Byzantine Empire flourishing, along with its capital Constantinople, once Byzantium. When the Empire is divided in 395, Thessaloniki falls to the Byzantine half. But in spite of some bloody chapters in its history, like Slavonian, Norman and Saracen intents of siege and conquest, it becomes an excellent time for Thessaloniki. It even is called "co-capital", being a serious rival for Constantinople!

In the 15th century, Thessaloniki experiences another change of goverment: in 1430 it is conquered by the Turkish and falls to the Ottoman Empire, remaining part of it until 1913. It can be said that Thessaloniki has a very special meaning for todayís Turkey, because it is here that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, "all Turkís father", the man who founded modern Turkey, is born in 1881. His house of birth can still be visited.

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